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What’s inside my Credit Report?

Your credit report holds personal and financial information. It includes your credit rating, which is used to measure your credit worthiness & shows your credit reputation when you apply for a loan. If you have ever applied for credit, you will have a credit file with a credit rating.

Your Credit File includes…

  • Personal Details
  • Employment Details
  • Credit Enquiries
  • Previous Credit Applications
  • Defaults
  • Court Writs & Summons
  • Bankruptcy
  • Part 9 Debt Agreements
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How do I get my Credit File?

It’s simple; you can get a copy of your credit report without having to pay. You can see your credit score, check if there are any inaccuracies and spot the early warning signs of identity theft. If you have applied for credit in the past and been declined, it’s a good idea to check what your credit file and credit score look like.

Looking for finance? We could help with…

  • Car Finance
  • Boat Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Personal Finance
  • Caravan Finance
  • Short-term/Payday Finance
  • Insurance
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What does my Credit Score mean?

Your credit score is in your credit file. Equifax scores your credit report
out of -999 to 1200 and from here lenders are able to see which risk category you are in. If you have been declined for a loan in the past, it’s a good idea to check your credit score.

Your Score Explained…

  • Excellent: 833 to 1200
  • Very Good: 726 to 832
  • Good: 622 to 725
  • Average: 510 to 621
  • Below Average: 0 to 509
  • Current Bankrupt or Undischarged Part IX (Part 9) Debt Agreement: 0 to -999
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Simple, Easy & Secure…

We retrieve your credit report from the largest credit reporting body in Australia, Equifax and your information is securely encrypted by SSL certificate. We do not pass on information to 3rd parties without consent. You can read more about how we protect your information here.

Take control of your credit file with a copy of your latest credit report for free. Don’t leave it to chance. Start with your free credit report today by taking 5 minutes to submit your details online using our secure form.

How We Can Help you…

We understand how important your credit file is, so that’s why we want to help. If you would like a copy of your credit report, we can get this for you, free of charge. We can help you to:

  • Get a copy of your credit report
  • Understand your credit rating
  • Catch Identity theft early
  • Check incorrect defaults & judgements

Credit Scores in Australia…

In Australia, knowing your credit score and what’s in your credit report is more important than you think.

When you apply for credit, your credit file will be one of the factors taken into consideration while a lender assess your affordability and suitability. A lender will complete a credit check on your file and score when you submit an application for credit. This includes applications for a:

  • Mortgage
  • Car Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Credit Card

This is to see your credit reputation and measure your credit worthiness. Your credit score is one of the biggest influences during the loan approval process. We help thousands of Australian’s obtain their credit file, so get a copy of your free credit file and Free Credit Score Australia today.

In Australia the three main credit reporting bodies that hold this information, they are Equifax, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet.