Credit History

How You Can Get Your Credit History Check

Do you want to undertake a fast and free credit history check? You can discover what lenders see about you and your credit history by completing our simple, five minute form and getting your free report in your email inbox in 1 business day.

Why is my Credit History report so important?

Your credit history forms an important part of how lenders and finance companies all across Australia determine whether they will lend to you and if they will, how much they will lend you.

Knowing where you stand will ensure your credit history is complete and accurate and that you haven’t fallen victim to any wrongful or fraudulent charges made in your name.

What factors into your Credit History?

  • Outstanding loans/debts (credit cards, personal loans, car loans, mortgage)
  • Repayment quality (did you miss payments, pay on time or quickly repay?)
  • Recent Credit Activity (number of credit applications, missed payments and defaults)

Being on top of your credit history and maintaining the best score possible is ultimately the responsibility of each individual.

To know where you stand, request your free credit report today! Complete the five minute form and send. Your credit history report will be in your inbox in 1 business day. Get started now!