Our Locations in Australia

The free credit report company provides credit scores and credit reports only within Australia. If you are requesting this from outside of Australia we will not provide you with a report.

Please refer to websites in your own country for that specific report.
You should be aware that there are different levels of credit scores in Australia.

These scores are used to assess your credit worthiness from very good to bankrupt or under a debt agreement.

We will lay out the current point system that is in use.

  • A credit score between 833 and 1200 is considered excellent.
  • Between 726 and 832 is considered very good.
  • A score between 622 and 725 is considered good.
  • 510 to 621 is considered average.
  • Below average is 0 to 509Below Zero to¬† -999 is generally for a current bankrupt or and undischarged bankrupt under a debt agreement.

Keeping an eye on your credit history on an ongoing basis would be considered a wise move. Unfortunately in this world, there can be identity thieves who use your known details to try to gain credit in your name or use your credit card or even apply for a loan using your credit file. If you never check your details these breaches of your personal credit file might go unnoticed. This can then severely affect your credit score and your ability to borrow in the future.

You can get a copy of your credit file and your across Australia.
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