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Do you know what your personal credit rating is?

With you can obtain your very own personal credit check within 1 business day without charge. All you need to do to get started is complete our simple 5 minutes form and hit submit. Your credit report will then hit your inbox in 1 business day. It is that simple.

How your credit check can help you

Are you looking to obtain finance? Your personal credit rating could be an important factor in whether lenders see you as eligible for their products. This includes credit card applications, personal loans, personal home loans, motor vehicle loans.

Your credit check will reveal to you what is known in Australia as your credit score. This is number between 0 and 1200 that serves as your credit rating; 1200 being excellent and 0 being very poor.

Factors such as your repayment history, the number of credit products you have taken out, the debt you have owing on loans and credit cards, plus whether you have defaulted on amounts owing all factor into the credit score you will receive in your personal credit report.

Do you need assistance obtaining finance?

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