Need a free credit report in the Sydney area?

If you’re in Sydney or New South Wales-NSW for that matter, you have probably thought about getting your credit score.

Why should you request a credit report ?

Finance lending companies and banks use a variety of information to decide whether to give you a loan. One of those ways is to look at your credit score.

You should find out your credit score, before applying for loans or credit.

It will let you know the exact leverage you have to be able to negotiate with the banks for a better deal, lowering your interest rates. It will also help you, monitor your credit rating over time, to maintain it, or improve it, especially when trying to improve your credit rating after a debt. You can also, very importantly check if there are any inaccuracies in the credit rating report and intercept signs of identity theft early.

Get Your Free Credit Report Now!

A free credit report can assist you in getting finance for a variety of purposes including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Car or Personal loans
  • Mortgages

We specialise in finding solutions for any credit issue and advising you on credit rating repair and improvement, in the short term or long term.

What is a credit report?

It is an up-to-date credit score based on your lending and repayment history. It is like a checkup on your financial fitness. Like in maintaining your physical fitness, your finances can be regularly maintained and kept up consistently to maintain your financial health. The credit report will give you, your credit rating. The banks or lenders use it to rank applicants in terms of high or low risk when considering their applications to assess their affordability and suitability to be able to repay the designated loan amount. When the time comes, for a new application, to negotiate with the banks for a better deal.

Where can you get a free credit report in New South Wales?

You can easily get an up to date credit report for free using our service.

How do you get a credit report when can you expect it?

  • First step: simply fill in the short online application.
  • Second step: Submit your form securely with your two forms of ID, and then we will start fetching your latest credit history.
  • Third step: Receive your up to date credit report securely on the following working day.

What’s included in my Sydney credit report?

Your personal and employment details previous credit applications, defaults, bankruptcy, debt arrangements, court writs and summons.

How is your credit rating score explained?

Equifax ranks your credit score out of – 999 to 1200. The credit scores are broken into ranges. These ranking categories inform financial lending institutions like banks about your suitability for a loan. Your credit score is one of the most influential factors in whether you are approved for a loan.

Your Score is Explained by Equifax as:

  • Excellent: 833 to 1200
  • Very Good: 726 to 832
  • Good: 622 to 725
  • Average: 510 to 621
  • Below Average: 0 to 509
  • Currently Bankrupt or Undischarged Part IX (Part 9) Debt Agreement: 0 to -999

If your score is in the ‘Excellent’ range, which is only about 20% of the Australian population, it would make you a very favourable candidate to be offered a loan and as a low risk to the bank, you will have more choices with multiple lenders. You will also be able to negotiate for a better deal with lower interest rates from the lender. If your score is at the lower end of the ratings, like ‘Below Average’ then we can advise you on various ways you can improve your status, with simple short and long term strategies. We are here to help, as no query is too great or too small for us to be able to help with. The sooner you check your score, the faster you can begin planning for a better future.

So if you were looking for a free credit report in Sydney NSW, you now know where to find it. Don’t delay!

Get Your Free Credit Report Now!